Our Story

The Story Behind Troncbox

Founded by ex HMRC expert Peter Davies in 2013, WMT Troncmaster Services is now the UK's leading and largest Troncmaster service provider.


The Road to Troncbox

See how we have become the UK's leading provider of Troncmaster Services.

16th Century

Tipping first mentioned in Tudor England.


Income Tax introduced in the UK. Tips are now taxable income (boo!).


The word 'Tronc' is first reported to be used in France for collecting boxes in churches to collect donations for the poorer in society (tronc des pauvres)


Exemption from National Insurance Contributions on tips first introduced


Tips confirmed as outside of the scope of VAT


Discretionary service charges first appear in the UK


HM Revenue and Customs begin large scale investigations into tipping practices and tronc systems ('Operation Gourmet'). Peter Davies, our Managing Director, is responsible for the operational aspect of this initiative.


Peter Davies leaves HMRC for the accountancy profession and starts work helping hospitality businesses to run legal, effective and fair tronc systems


Legislation introduced to prevent businesses from using tips and service charges to pay the National Minimum Wage


WMT start the first independent, outsourced Troncmaster Service


Government consultation on tipping practices in the UK begins, following reports in the media of alleged unfair tipping practices by some operators. First Troncbox software system released to clients, improving efficiency in the management of their tronc schemes


Prime Minister Theresa May announces that legislation will be introduced to ensure that all tips go to workers


WMT begins work on expanded and upgraded Troncbox software to offer clients and their employees increased functionality, analytics and visibility


Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill introduced as a Private Members Bill by Dean Russell MP. It receives cross party support in the House of Commons.


The new Troncbox software is launched in advance of the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill becoming law


The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill and statutory Code of Practice is expected to take effect

The journey

Journey Towards Fair Tips

Peter's experience as an Inland Revenue investigator for HMRC has resulted in a wealth of experience and knowledge in the hospitality sector, specifically the legislation behind tips, service charge and tronc administration.

Behind the story

How Troncbox Started

Peter Davies founded WMT Troncmaster Services, part of the larger WMT family, in 2013 and the company has grown from strength to strength.

our values

Core Values we define

At WMT we believe that all businesses should operate in a way that is legal, beneficial to their employees, and with systems managed fairly and transparently.


We guide you through the actions you need to take and the changes you need to make to introduce a fair and transparent tronc scheme.


We advise you and your team of the options available and recommend the best ones for you.


Troncbox will give you the data you need about the tips and service charges processed through your tronc system.


We are your tronc team, comprising over 20 professionals, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We are humans, not robots, and we are here to guide and support your journey.

Thinking and listening

We listen to you to understand the goals and aspirations of your business. We think about the needs of you and your team and challenges from a number of different perspectives.


We are members of, and regulated by, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, to ensure that you and your team receive the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.